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About AvZ Jewellery
AvZ Jewellery was founded in 2012 by Anette von Zweigbergk.  
The designs are inspired by the beauty of nature and every peace of jewellery is created in Sweden.  
We use gemstones, minerals and cultivated pearls. We use sterling (925) silver, and (to customer order) 18ct gold. We are passionate about design and quality.  

Care instructions
To ensure that your jewellery stays beautiful for many years, it is essential to take good care of it. 

When storing a necklace, ensure that you do not cause any sharp bends to the jewellery wire. Long necklaces can be stored with one soft loop if needed.  We recommend that you gently wipe your jewellery with a soft cloth after each use, to ensure removal of traces from for example makeup. Avoid bathing or swimming with your jewellery, especially in chlorinated water.

For pearls, avoid contact with makeup, perfume, oils, lotions or soap. You can wipe pearls with a slightly damp cloth after each use,  to remove any traces from the above.

All silver can oxidate, which makes it darker. You can polish the silver details with a silver polish cloth (do not use silver dip for jewellery with gemstones or pearls).   

It is our hope that you will enjoy your AvZ Jewellery for a long time. Beauty and sustainability powered by nature!

Our aim to ship on the next business day. Some products are created upon order, which takes a few days extra. Our delivery targets are 3-7 days within the European Union, and 5-12 days for the rest of the world. Please contact us to get an estimated delivery time. 
We use PostNord registered mail for our shippings.

Shipping cost
We offer free shipping.
For more information, see the Terms & Conditions. 

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